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40pcs 70g Straight 16"Long #06 Ash Brown Remy Seamless Blue Tape In 100% Human Hair Extensions
40pcs 70g Straight 16"Long #06 Ash Brown Remy Seamless Blue Tape In 100% Human Hair Extensions
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Weight:110.00g  Goods ID:PUF017-6
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Product Description

A set of 40pieces

40 pieces with 4cm wide per piece and 160cm wide in total


Please choose you need hair color.Thanks




1.75g per pieces;70g

Weight decides the thickness.(100g can enough a full head)


(if make wavy about Original length *0.85)

Hair Type

We GUARANTEE that the hair we sell is 100% Remy Human Hair


100% Remy human hair,can be curled,dyed

Please read the FAQ on "can I dye the hair?" 

We recommend to dye darker,not lighter since the hair extension has been processed and colored, it is difficulty to fade the original color. Improper dying will ruin the hair.


Better proportion and please see pictures above


It can last several month and can be reused in most of cases 


Hair can be used to thicken, add length, weaved or highlight 


the hair and do various hair styles as it can be made in different widths. It is also can be dyed


Easy to curl and Blow Dry by Electric Iron and Themal Iron

Please Note:After washed this tape hair,please put a new double side tape on this hair.
Remy hair:remy hair is the hair with cuticle tip all on top. It is of the best quality and  can last longer than non remy.You can dye remy hair several times either lighter or darker.
As these are 100% GENUINE Human Hair you may treat them like your own hair. They may be coloured, cut, curled, straightened etc. To care for your extensions use a quality shampoo and conditioner. If looked after properly they will last a very long time. WE GUARANTEE OUR HAIR IS PURE 100% HUMAN HAIR WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SYNTHETIC OR ANIMAL OR ANY OTHER KIND OF MIX WHATSOEVER FROM ETHICAL SOURCES- JUST PURE 100% HUMAN HAIR ONLY
How to attach of your hair:

Tape Hair extension :

Tape hair is very easy to apply and can be instantly applied to parted areas of the head.

It is simple,completely invisible and giving all natural appearance.

It looks like the hair is growing from your own scalp  

The hair is hand sewn into a a clear skin base and then, is attached to a durable double sided invisible adhesive tape.

Please follow the steps:

1. part hair on scalp into section where application is desired.

2. IMPORTANT: please warm to double sided tape ( 70- 80 centigrage is ok ) by a straightener before using.

The glue in the tape will be in perfect condition and can last a long time.

3. peel off the label on the tape and apply to sections on the head where the wanted hair is desired.

4. Pull a small section of your own hair over the small taped weft and repeat , and so your own hair is sandwiched between the 2 tapes of hair apply directly by using your hand and press with the double sided tape against the hair you sectioned off ( apply to very most upper part of sectioned hair,not directly on scalp ).




2.Hair care:

1). Use a mild Shampoo, Rinse and leave to dry.

2). Comb with a WIRE brush after dry.

3). If the hair is straight, pls straighten it after wash. If it is wave,pls put some hair gel for holding this wave.

4). You can perming dyeing, but pls remember do not do this too frequent, and remember to use the nutrition water.

5). The combs you'd better choose the round head width row spacing.

6). Washing liquid must be the acidity.

7). Do not discover the hair on sunshine too long.

8). Do not blows the root of hairs too near with the hair drier.

9). Do not grasping the root of hair overexert when washing.

How to Care For Human Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are a wonderful way to add highlights, thickness or simply make your hair longer. While they can improve your look dramatically,

   if they’re not taken care of properly, they won’t do much for you. These simple tips will help you take the best care of your hair extensions so

   that they will last a long time and you will get your moneys worth.

How To Care For Human Hair Extensions

Step 1

Be gentle. One of the most important things about hair extensions is that you have to baby them. When you are brushing your hair, be gentle.

Without the proper treatment, your hair extensions will get damaged quickly.

Step 2

Wash with moisturizing hair care products. This step is especially important if you are using hair extensions because the hair will not get any of the moisture from the natural oils your scalp produces. Moisturizing hair care products will keep your hair healthy. If you are longing for shine, use a serum. Many hair care products that

promote shine have a drying affect on hair.

Step 3

Don’t forget to deep condition. Once a week you want to deep condition your hair extensions. Leave it on the hair for approximately 20 to 30 minutes and rinse.

This extra TLC will give your hair an extra moisturizing boost.

Step 4

Keep those ends trimmed. No matter what you do, your hair extensions will inevitably get split ends. The best way to keep split ends from getting out of control is to regularly trim them. Trim the ends of the hair every 6 to 10 weeks. Keep in mind that you don’t want to trim too much, otherwise you will quickly lose the length of your hair. You can either do it yourself or have a professional trim them.

Step 5

Use a heat protectant. Nowadays, just about everyone uses heated appliances on their hair. Whether it’s a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron, they all have one thing in common: they damage your hair. If you want to make your extensions last, your best bet is to use a heat protectant whenever you use a heated appliance on your hair. This simple step will prevent breakage and keep your locks looking great a lot longer.

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